The “Chill Protocol”

The “Chill Protocol” involves administering a combination of oral medications to your pet prior to their visit. Typically, pet parents administer these medications at home the night before their visit (and possibly a second dose the day of), under the guidance of the Veterinarian. This helps your pet remain calm during their visit, which allows our team to accomplish necessary tasks while keeping your pet’s experience with us as positive and stress-free as possible. 
Rest assured that these medications are to help your pet relax – they will still be their normal selves, just calm and happy. 
Our goal with this is to have anxious pets walk into the hospital, go to their exam room, perhaps go to our treatment area if necessary, and get their necessary services and treatments in a calm and relaxed manner. 
If your pet is in need of a chill protocol prior to their visit, we will gladly provide you with the medication names, time(s) to be given, any expectation in your pet’s behavior, and answer any additional questions that you may have.
We hope that this new service will take the stress out of veterinary visits for your pet-and you-should they need assistance in this manner.