The “Chill Protocol”

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | August 9, 2022

The “Chill Protocol” involves administering a combination of oral medications to your pet prior to their visit. Typically, pet parents administer these medications at home the night before their visit (and possibly a second dose the day of), under the guidance of the Veterinarian. This helps your pet remain calm during their visit, which allows…

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Tips For Pets With Noise Phobia

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | May 1, 2022

Have you ever seen your dog or cat become fidgety, anxious, and hyperactive when there are fireworks or a thunderstorm? Your dog or cat may start breathing heavily, bark or meow consistently with wide eyes. If so, your pet may have a loud noise phobia. Pets with a loud noise phobia may either try hurting…

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A Guide To Different Dog Breeds

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | April 1, 2022

With hundreds of different dog breeds worldwide, there is an astounding amount of variation in size, shape, and temperament. The American Kennel Club first divided dog breeds into various groupings in 1923 when the official rules of showing dogs in the competition were changed. There were at one point only five groups, which grew to…

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Pet Dementia Prevention

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | March 1, 2022

As pets age, there are a growing number of cats and dogs that are suffering from dementia and veterinarians are warning that a pet’s sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can be to blame. There are an increasing number of cats and dogs suffering from this progressing disease, and many pets are dying of it. The…

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February is Pet Dental Health month

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | February 25, 2022

With February being National Pet Dental Health Month, there is no better time to brush up on the basics of good pet dental hygiene. Oral hygiene is an important indicator of the underlying health of your pet, but it is commonly overlooked. At-home maintenance combined with regular exams and cleanings ensures your pet’s teeth are…

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Why is a Routine Vet Visit So Important?

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | February 1, 2022

You wouldn’t disregard your own health checkups, so why should your pet? Routine veterinarian visits are one way to monitor your pet’s health. A routine veterinarian visit can help maintain your pet’s overall health as well as monitor their diet, exercise, and supplementation. Your pet is a member of your family. We believe that your…

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DNA Testing for Your Pet

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | January 1, 2022

Even if you know your pet’s breed, you may be wondering what else there is to know about your dog or cat. Pet DNA can be a great way to learn more about your pet! DNA testing can reveal your pet’s genetic makeup, family history, and even let you know of any potential health risks…

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Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | December 1, 2021

One of the most common steps missed in pet care is dental hygiene. Pet parents remember to brush coats, trim nails and give baths as necessary, but not everyone remembers to brush their pet’s teeth. By the age of three more than 50% of cats have gum disease and studies show similar numbers for canines,…

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Reasons to Consider Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | November 1, 2021

Within the United States, it is estimated that nearly 80% of family pets are spayed or neutered. If you recently added a pet to your family, you may have been asked if you plan to spay or neuter. There can be many questions regarding the process and why you should consider it for your pet’s…

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Tips To Help Your Pet Stay Calm During Halloween

By Hunt Valley Animal Hospital | October 1, 2021

Many of us get excited for fall holidays and activities such as harvest parties and Halloween, but for our non-human companions, this can be a stressful time. If you are a pet parent, it is important to understand that your dog’s instinct is to protect its home and alert you to strangers while your cat…

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