Behavior Counseling

Our behavioral consultations look at the bigger picture of your pet's sudden behavior change. We consult with you and ask questions to first determine if any medical issues are causing these certain behaviors. If they are, we work with you to get your pet the medical treatment he or she may need to get better. Then, we'll work directly with you to ensure healthy behaviors and tools are on the horizon. Consistency and patience can certainly lead to positive behavior changes if they are not caused by a medical issue.

Is your pet no longer acting as him or herself?

Pet behaviors that may warrant an appointment with us

If you observe any of the behaviors below, give us a call. Many times these have an underlying medical condition that can be treated to get your pet back to behaving like themselves.

  • Sudden phobias (a fear of something)
  • Anxiety (rapid heart rate and increased alertness)
  • Aggression
  • Attacking without provocation
  • House-training aversions
  • Going outside the litter box
  • Urine marking within your house
  • Inability to Sleep
  • Constant licking, over-grooming, or other repetitive behaviors
    Excessive meowing or barking for no reason
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