Movement is Medicine

Stagnation is a silent killer. Whether your pet is recovering from surgery, a soft tissue injury, dealing with aging arthritis or in need of weight loss – we have to keep them moving. Our rehabilitation program offers a variety of support tools so no matter where they are in the process we can help. Bodies in motion, stay in motion.

Why put them through Rehabilitation too?

Just like humans pets need support beyond the surgical procedures or initial healing of injuries. Much like a physical therapist would recommend exercises and treatment programs so you can reach your full potential, we do that for your pet. Healing doesn’t stop after surgery, for many it’s a longer road to get back to a better quality of life. Dr. Meghan Johnston has been with Hunt Valley Animal Hospital for overt 15 years. She serves as our Medical Director and her most recent achievement is pursuing her passion and completing certification in Rehab Medicine through the University of Tennessee. She combines years of experience with the latest equipment to bring your pet back to their best they can be.

The work they do today, will determine where they will be tomorrow.


Rehab is not for the weak but for the determined. Our goal is to support your pet on their healing process while supporting you in keeping everyone motivated. Dr. Johnston and our rehab team will develop a comprehensive plan for your pet’s condition(s). They will monitor your pet’s progress at every interaction and make any necessary changes based on their specific needs.

Rehab Packages:

  • Underwater Treadmill - We have a variety of packages to cater to each condition and patient’s needs. Sessions can be recommended for anywhere from 6 weeks to a year or more dependent on the goal.
  • Cold Therapy Laser Packages - The laser has 3 main levels of treatment. Treatment time can range from 5 minutes to 50 based on the number of areas that need attention. We have custom packages for each level to ensure your pet gets the proper care.
  • Strength Conditioning - We utilize balance balls, cavaletti rails, range of motion exercises and so much more to help rebuild areas that have been compromised due to injury.
  • Combination Packages - Utilizes the Underwater Treadmill, Cold Laser Therapy, & Strength Conditioning to elevate your pet’s progress.

Rehab Policies:

Please potty your pet before all rehab exercises. Some of the exercises will be strenuous and stimulate the need to go to the bathroom.

  • Code Brown Out - If your pet defecates in the treadmill we have to stop the session and completely sanitize the treadmill. First offense is $10. All occurrences after that will be $45 as it is a very time consuming process.
  • If your pet has had diarrhea or been diagnosed with a UTI in the past 24 hours please let the team know before their session as this may affect their ability to participate in rehab that day.
  • If your pet has any wounds please bring it to the teams attention before your pet’s session.
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