Our dog groomer, Kathleen Muth, has over 15 years of experience providing compassionate, professional grooming care for pets. Kathleen understands that many pets can feel anxious or nervous during their first trip to the groomer. Some pets may even be nervous after multiple visits! Kathleen is passionate about ensuring a positive experience for every pet that receives grooming care at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital. Her gentle approach to grooming helps pets relax and feel comfortable, whether they are getting bathed for the first time or having their coats trimmed and styled.

Hunt Valley Animal Hospital is proud to offer professional dog grooming in a warm, inviting environment for your pet. We offer grooming services for dogs of all ages and use hypo-allergenic products.  Kathleen and our veterinary care team are here to help!  If your furry family member simply needs a bath call us and ask our reception team about our bath packages!  Let us give your pet a day of pampering!

Please contact us today to reserve your appointment date and time. We look forward to your visit!


Kathleen’s Grooming Tidbits:

At what age should my pet first be groomed?
Dogs and cats should begin being professionally groomed at the age of 3-4 months. The younger they are, the faster they learn. If your pet is adopted at a younger age, coat care should still start at home. Contact the Hunt Valley Animal Hospital staff or Kathleen for instructions on home care.

What is my pet’s first grooming session like?
Every animal, like a child, learns at his/her own pace. Kathleen likes to make it fun for your dog or cat while learning at the same time. Puppies and kittens need time to get used to the environment – sounds, other animals, the dryers, scissors, and clippers. Kathleen will ease your pet into the grooming process – so each appointment may add a new dimension (ie. bath, nails trimming, etc). You, the owner, need to reassure your pet that grooming day is a “fun day”! Animals are very intuitive and sense your emotions.

What are the grooming hours?
Kathleen grooms dogs and cats Monday through Saturday by appointment only, except for Thursdays.  We are here as early as 7:30 for drop off and pick up times vary by animal and scheduled time.

How much will my pet’s grooming cost?
Pricing varies depending on your pet’s size and coat condition.

Kathleen will be happy to discuss any of your pet’s grooming needs. Please call her at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital at (410) 527-0800.