I would like to commend Dr. Frank. He has taken such great care of my Spanky. He performed a successful soft palate surgery on him in 2012 and Spanky has been breathing and sleeping better ever since.  Additionally, Spanky has suffered from dry eye and allergies. As a worrisome “pet mom”, Dr. Frank has always made time to see us and has even called to check up on Spanky. He genuinely cares and I’ve always felt better and more confident about Spanky’s health after seeing or speaking to him. The receptionists and vet techs are just as kind. I apologize for not recalling any names, but I did not forget how they made us feel when we were at your office.

I am sad to say that I no longer live in the area. However, Hunt Valley Animal Hospital has truly given Spanky the best possible care and I would refer them without any reservations.

Stephanie Jablonski – Long Island, NY

All_Dogs_Web“Our dogs have been in the Hunt Valley Animal Hospital family for over 14 years. We have found the staff to be expert in times of emergencies as well as kind and humane during routine care and euthanasia. Our dogs have been well cared for by the professionals and the staff are genuine and customer oriented. We appreciate the capabilities and knowledge available at the hospital.”
Rhonda M. Gold & Micheal Small,  Artemis Whippets (Stewartstown, PA)

“I don’t know where to begin to tell you about the phenomenal quality of care my dog gets at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital.  They’re tops!  My dog, Ben, is my heart beat, he’s what gets me up out of bed every day.  Every last person at [HVAH] knows him by name, takes personal interest in his well being and makes sure he’s comfortable while he’s there.  From the ladies at the desk to the technicians to the doctors, I couldn’t ask for better treatment.  As Ben ages, we’re finding that Ben needs to visit more often.  Ben and I actually look forward to our visits.  The doctors always get it right and we’re back on our feet in no time.  If Ben needs extraordinary care, the vets at Hunt Valley put us in the hands of the best specialists they know.  Almost as important, is that they know how to take care of me as well.  They’ve walked me through some tough times and I am deeply grateful for their compassion.  I have never had to wait in an emergency, I call and they say come.  Their attention to maintenance and preventative care is equally important to the staff at Hunt Valley. I would never take a pet of mine anywhere else.”
Mary Langmead and Ben (Reisterstown, MD)

Hunt Valley Animal Hospital lost it’s very special patient, Ben, today.  We will all miss him dearly.  (June 16, 2011)

P3103080_1“We started taking our daschund, Ozzy, to Dr. Brooks 6 weeks after an accident and calcified disk caused him to lose the use of his hind legs.  We found Dr. Brooks online in February 2009 and [were] interested in the acupuncture therapy which, for us, was an alternative to surgery.  We were never sure Ozzy would ever walk again and even purchased wheels to attach to his hind legs so he could get around a little bit.  We began weekly sessions with Dr. Brooks, water therapy twice a day and dieting to help Ozzy lose a little weight.  Each week we saw improvement and I’m ecstatic to say that Ozzy is walking!  You can still see that his hind legs are a little wobbly at times, but he is so happy.  Dr. Brooks and his team at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital are absolutely amazing.  I am allergic to dogs and cats and could tell their facility was always clean because I never got a headache after spending about 1 hour with them each week.  They were always caring and courteous.”
Sharon Svec and Ozzy (Stewartstown, PA)

“I am a breeder of top quality German Shepherd AKC show dogs.  I am a very grateful client of Hunt Valley Animal Hospital.  Dr. Frank and his staff are second to none.  We have had emergency situations where they come and do whatever they have to; not only for the dog, but for us as clients.  We have had irregular situations with different ailments and they have been dedicated to finding the best procedure or answer to our questions.  The hospital is immaculate and the dogs are cared for to the point of enjoying their stay, not running the other way.  Thank you all for your professionalism.”
Donna M. Calabrese, Aramist German Shepherds (York, PA)

magwa“They listen and understand.  The way they care for your pets you know they love their work.  You admire and appreciate their dedication.  They share your concerns and will make every effort to help and guide you.  To prevent or to deal with a health crisis we have to make choices for our pets.  Knowing you made the right one is very comforting.  Trusting the care and well being of my precious cats to Hunt Valley Animal Hospital was the very best choice.  And I am always thankful to this great team.”
Vicky and Coleman Pressman and Magua (Towson, MD)

pannoni_2“As an owner of three dogs, I have been coming to Hunt Valley Animal Hospital for close to ten years.  When ‘the gang’ and I walk in, we are always greeted warmly by the staff.  My dogs have experienced nothing less than expert care with all of the hospital’s doctors, including follow up phone calls as well.  The gentleness of the doctors, the friendly staff, and the cleanliness of the facility keep me and my dogs happy with HVAH.”
Diana Pannoni and Popcorn, Dutchess and Roxy (Lutherville, MD)

“Our sincerest thanks go to the talented Dr. Frank and his caring staff at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital.  Our 12 year old Dachshund, Sammie, developed a tumor that grew rapidly to a large size causing her a great deal of discomfort and limiting her ability to even walk.  Complicating the matter, she developed an enlarged heart from living with the tumor.  After several weeks of taking a relatively new heart medication recommended by Dr. Frank, her heart improved enough to attempt surgery.  Dr. Frank warned us of the high risks of surgery and even mentioned the possibility of bringing in a specialist.  Although risky, we felt that the only chance for her to have any quality to her remaining life was to proceed with the surgery and to have the surgery done by Dr. Frank, as he has done other serious surgeries on Sammie with great success.  The surgery was performed in approximately 2 hours and he removed a 2.5 lb tumor from Sammie, reducing her weight to 20 lbs.  The surgery would have been almost 4 hours if is wasn’t for the high-tech equipment at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital.  Sammie came home the day after this major operation and within days was more active than she had been in years.  In the weeks following the operation, Sammie improved to the point that we now call her our 12 year old puppy.  Again, we thank you Dr. Frank and your wonderful staff.”
Len and Teresa Martin and Sammie (Dundalk, MD)

<*Unfortunately, Sammie lost her battle with heart failure.  She will always be in our thoughts.

“Dr. Brooks,
Thank you for helping me realize that my decision to let my special cat Cassie go last Tuesday was the best thing for her.  Since she was my first pet, I didn’t realize that her visit that day would be her last one – at least I didn’t admit it to myself.  Your lovely note on the sympathy card really helped me see that she counted on me to make this decision for a better life for her.  I am sure you have met many like me who have doubted their decision, only to go home and look at many years of pictures in healthier days, and realize it was the perfect decision.  Thank you also for letting Dr. Williams know that her compassion for my friend and her cat several months ago under these same circumstances also helped me – that is why I was able to leave Cassie in your hands without being there to witness her passing.  My trust and confidence in you and Hunt Valley Animal Hospital has never waned.  After all, that is exactly where I brought her first, over 17 years ago, directly from Defenders of Animal Rights – you all kept her quite feisty and quite healthy for much longer than many others could have, since she had a very serious respiratory infection back then.  I am afraid you all are not finished with us yet, as my very spoiled and hyper min-pin, Zooma, is only 7 and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with his care.  If you ever have one of those days when you wonder if you make a difference, please read this and be sure that you and your colleagues certainly do.” 
Linda Tooma and Zoomer (Timonium, MD)

“Kudos to the HVAH and especially Dr. Gary Brooks!  Our pets were among Dr. Frank’s very first patients and his practice has taken superb care of numerous additional pets since that time.

I would like to acknowledge the unique alternative medicine component now available at the [Hunt Valley Animal Hospital].   Our old golden (13 years old) suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis, which Dr. Brooks has successfully been treating with standard medications.  However, at the urging of a close friend, we recently tried acupuncture.  After 2 sessions, we notice a significant improvement.  Rusty is more alert, is on his feet more, and has begun playing again (running after a ball, etc.).  It is apparent that even his spirit has improved!

Thank you, Dr. Brooks, for your expertise in this special area and you too, Dr. Frank, for having the foresight to include alternative medicine among the services available.”
Polly Roberts, M.D. and Rusty (Cockeysville, MD)

“Drs. Jones, Johnston and staff.  Words simply cannot express how thankful we are to you for saving our little Charlie’s life.  Your quick intervention and good care is the reason our family is whole again and we will be forever grateful.  We wish you all the best.”
The Straus Family with Charlie and Chester (Sparks, MD)

“Dear Dr. Brooks,
On behalf of our family, I would like to express our most heartfelt appreciation to you for saving Brandy’s life.  When we brought her to you this summer, she had been diagnosed with kidney insufficiency by two other veterinarians, with a prognosis of 6 months or less.  You correctly diagnosed her as having Addison’s Disease, which can be treated with medication.  When you first saw her, she was frail and thin; she has now regained all of her lost weight, as well as her energy and bright personality.  Brandy is the heart of our family, and we can’t thank you enough for saving her.  We also appreciate your patient and caring team, who tolerate her Sheltie chattiness when she comes in for her monthly shots!”
The Rhodes Family and Brandy (Phoenix, MD)

“Hello Doctors,
Thanks for everything you’ve done for my GSh {German Shepherd dog} Lola, who has arthritis, hip dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy.  Over the past few days, she’s lost all function in her hind legs, but she’s never been happier.  Her K9 cart was delivered on Tuesday and she loves it.  No adjustment period; as soon as {we}strapped her in, she took off running…Wanted to let you know about our experiences in case they may help other people whose dogs are losing their mobility.  Also want to thank your front office staff for their kindness and professionalism. 
Eileen Gillan and Lola (Baltimore, MD)

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