Although Loona was almost 16 years old, she was mine since she was 6, after I fell in love with her at the miniature pinscher rescue booth at Dogfest. When I brought her home that day to "foster" , Dr. Johnston kindly smiled, knowing Loona had found her forever home. Since then Loona had visited the elderly, let the little ones dress her, play with her, outwalked the big dogs, and ate more food daily than I did! Noone who ever met her had any idea who could have possibly given this precious diva dog up! All I know is because they did, my life has been so much richer. She took a piece of my heart over that Rainbow Bridge with her last week, but she left me a world of glorious memories, and her little rescue sister to take care of in her honor. Rest easy now little girl, you earned back your sight, your hearing, your continence, and your ability to run again. You will be forever in my heart.
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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

– Anatole France

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