**Check back soon for information on the next Bulldog Day!**

Hunt Valley Animal Hospital is excited to host Bulldog Day annually! Bring your English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers to enter our contests! See who will win the longest tongue, best underbite, best senior and more!

What is Bulldog Day? It’s a day to celebrate how unique and wonderful bulldogs and like breeds are! It’s no secret we love bulldogs at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital. Dr. Frank, our owner, has been a longtime lover of the breed. He has owned, showed, and bred several bulldogs over the years; he even specializes in a soft palate procedure to help them breathe easier to ensure maximum quality of life for these precious pooches. After years of dedication to the breed we thought it would be fun to take a day and celebrate the breed we’ve come to love so much! This is not just for our clients, this is for everyone that loves the breeds and wants to have fun!

Bulldog day will be a day of silliness! Complete with contests, prizes, a kissing booth, food trucks, and so much more! We encourage you to bring your pooch (especially bully breeds) for a day of fun and socializing!

If interested in learning more, being a vendor, or entering one of our contests – please send us an email: bulldogday@huntvalleyanimalhospital.com