Kelly Rowe, Hospital Administrator

I’d/I/I’ll:Kelly  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hungry/ I believe every day should end (or start) with dessert/ I’ll always be first in line at the buffet.

My First Pet: Taffy – I was 5 years old, my sisters had a lot going on and my Mom & Dad asked what I wanted -not wanting me to feel left out. My response, “A dog” (it was even my first word).  They took me to the animal shelter and there was a litter of black and yellow lab mixes. Taffy was hyper and shy all at the same time and totally covered in filth – I knew that would be the one for me. He was my boy for 14 years and largely responsible for the path I have traveled.  I am so grateful for that head-strong mutt and the foundation he created.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Song: Manfred Mann – Doo Wah Diddy. Makes me smile like non-other. Every time I hear it, I am instantly transported to childhood. My younger sister and I used to dance on our beds and sing it while we were supposed to be sleeping. I can still hear my parents storming up the stairs…

In my spare time I can be found: Fixing up my farm, hanging with my dogs, canoeing/kayaking, exploring the countryside American picker style, trying new restaurants or frequenting favorite ones – I love food!

Current Pets:

  • Sunshine – 39 yr old Quarter Horse
  • Thomas – Terrier Mix
  • Jacy – Catahoula/Beagle Mix
  • Doug – Husky/Rottie Mix
  • Petunia – Cattledog mix
  • Kevin – Cream Tabby Cat
  • Wink – Dilute Calico Cat
  • 3 Goats – Annie Oakley, Daniel Boone, & the General Buford Lee
  • 4 Ducks
  • 8 Chickens

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Jill Krebs, Financial Manager

I’d/I/I’ll: I’d love for all of my days to be spent scuba diving, kayaking and /or bicycling. I am active in wildlife conservation with a strong interest in protecting our oceans and the fragile animals that call them home/ I’ll admit it, my husband Bill is my best friend!

My First Pet: A stray tabby cat we named Sammy! Mom said we couldn’t keep him and she released him in the morning, only for him to come back to us the next evening begging to be let in…the rest was history…we were owned by a very special cat!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Song: I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas – Anyone who knows me will attest to my, sometimes unruly, addiction to four-legged friends…an Elephant named Blueberry?

In my spare time I can be found: Enjoying the great outdoors, Looking for Sand Dollars and Conch Shells, Traveling to foreign lands, Finding those little off-the-beaten-path restaurants and pubs that only the locals know about! Have deep, in-depth conversations with my dog…she’s a great listener!

Current Pets:

  • Kila – 8 yr old Chocolate Point Siamese….the ruler of the house!
  • Moose – Italian Spinone
  • Tally – Yellow Lab
  • Teach – Yellow Lab
  • Tug – Black Lab

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Megan, Reception Manager


I’d/I/I’ll: I’d rather be out on a boat or in the mountains camping / I have a compound bow and love archery / I’ll hopefully live in the Caribbean one day.

My First Pet: A Dalmatian named Rolly that my Grandfather bought me when I was about 8 or 9. He was named after one of the many 101 Dalmatians 🙂

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Song: Any old school Jock Jams. I love 90’s dance music even though I can’t dance!

In my spare time I can be found: Cooking, baking, always thinking of new recipes, walking the dogs, camping, fishing, kayaking

Current Pets:

  • Camo – Belgian Malinois/Mastiff Mix
  • Diesel – American Staffordshire Terrier

Tobi, Technician Manager

I’d/I/I’ll: I’d rather be at the beach / I can surf and love being outside / I’ll go to a wine fest any day!

My First Pet: A pony named Padre. He bucked me off many times but I still pursued riding.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Song: Any Beyonce Song = “Don’t Worry. Beyonce.” And whatever the DJ plays because, “I just wanna dance!”

In my spare time I can be found: Going out to eat- Nachos &  Margaritas are my favorite!, enjoying the weather outside during my favorite season: spring, shopping at Target – I can never get out of there without spending $100!, or at home on the couch watching reality TV or napping.

Current Pets:

  • Pepperoni – Blind rescued orange tabby cat
  • Pineapple – Blind rescued calico cat
  • Spaghetti – Orange Tabby
  • Meatball – Blind Brown Tabby

Vince, Kennel Manager

I’d/I/I’ll: I’d rather have my toes in a river / I am a diehard O’s fan! / I’ll never stop learning

My First Pet: Ferdinand – Our family dog. He was a shaggy pound mutt with a taste for the finer things and a thirst for adventure!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Song: Megan Trainor – All about that Bass. – Damn you Youtube! I just wanted to learn how to cast!

In my spare time I can be found: Hiking with Eileen, Shooting Hoops, Target Shooting, Watching or Listening to the O’s

Current Pets:

  • Eileen – Black Pitbull. Obsessed with ropes and balls.