Meet Louise & Weebles!

Louise (orange tabby) came to us with a suspected gun shot wound to her right front leg. Unfortunately she lost the leg but quickly gained a family. She stole our hearts and continues to steal our seats 🙂


Weebles (grey tabby) came to us as a kitten with a neurological dysfunction. Through all the various tests this wobbler won us over. She is a constant source of entertainment and helps the staff laugh through the tough times.








Beans is an Eastern River Cooter turtle.  His mother’s name was Mustang Sally, she was named after the car that accidentally bumped into her.  The driver of the mustang brought bean’s mom to Hunt Valley Animal Hospital for mending.  During treatment it was discovered that Mustang Sally was pregnant! We helped Mustang Sally through the healing process and eventually helped deliver and hatch all of her babies.  Everyone found a safe and loving home and Beans gets to hang out here with us!